Consadole Sapporo was knocked out!!

Consadole Sapporo was knocked out after losing 0-1 at Kawasaki Frontale. Sapporo would now only reach 31 points if they won all of their remaining games, not enough to get out of the bottom three of J1 league(18 clubs). Sapporo lost J1 seat of next season.

2012 season’s Sapporo continued to lose games, and then, broke the several worst records of J1. This ignominious season was unforgettable for Sapporo’s fans.

[Worst Records of Consadole Sapporo in J1]

  • demotion-decision remaining 7 gamaes: worst (Past record: remaing 5 games; Yokohama FC(2007), Consadole Sapporo(2008))
  • most earliest demotion-decision(Sep 29th): worst (Past record: Oct 19th; Consadole Sapporo(2008))
  • 4 times demotion: worst-tie (Past record: 4 times; Kyoto Sanga FC)