Our Consadole Sapporo was officially born.

This day, Our Consadole Sapporo was born.

Hokkaido Football Club(HFC) held a press conference, made an announcement about establishment of themselves. This day, HFC was established. HFC is a steering company of pro-soccer club “Consadole Sapporo”. J-League requires incorporation of the operator company of every J-league clubs or club themselves.

Previously, the preparatory company of HFC had announced “Consadole Sapporo” as the new club’s name. This name was decided from open call for about 2700 participants. The club name of “Consadole” is made from ‘consado’ as reverse of Japanese word DO-SA-N-KO (means people of Hokkaido) and ‘Ole’ (shout word of Latin). This club name is with all Hokkaido citizen’s heart that Consadole is our club. “Consadole Sapporo” is a first proffesional club established at Sapporo City, also Hokkaido.

Consadole has a predecessor club that is TOSHIBA soccer club . TOSHIBA SC was an amateur and corporation’s team belonging to Japan Football League (JFL). This club wished to change to pro-team from amateur, and then moved to Sapporo from Kawasaki City (in Kanagawa Prefecture) in 1995.