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Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo Official Page [Japanese edition]

This site is Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo Official page. Too many information are prepared for consadole fans in this site. Unfortunatley, only Japanese information is provided, not English. If you want to read this site, please try to use translation tools (ex, Google translation etc.)


J League Official Page [English edition]

J League is Japan Professional Football League. Consadole Sapporo belong to this league. This site provides J League’s match information(Schedule, score, club and players, etc.) by English.
J-League was separated two leagues in 1999. Division 1 (J1) is top league, and Division 2 (J2) is secondary league.


Japanese Football Association Official Page [English edition]

Japanese Footbal Association(JFA) is headquarters of japanese football society. This site provides also Japanese football information by English.


Sapporo City Official Page [English edition]

Sapporo city is hometown of Consadoel Sapporo. This site is official Sapporo City page.

Multilingual site for Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Russian.


Sapporo Dome Official Page [English edition]

Sapporo Dome is home stadium of Consadole Sapporo. In 2002, Sapporo dome hosted 3 games of FIFA Wold Cup. This stadium is a big dome style architecture and has an unique technological system. The tech is called “Hovering Soccer Field”. The soccer field can be moved to outside from inside of the dome.


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